Karen camp

I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to the YMCA TEAM for the tremendous, fantastic, amazing, unforgettable experiences that you facilitated and provided for my sons, and ALL campers this summer.

I know that it was CHALLENGING. I know that it demanded a lot of your time and attention. You were kind; the Team members, Counselors, LITs, Coaches, Volunteers worked collaboratively well (this was overt) and you were all so very kind. THANK YOU with all of my heart for the love and care, the learning experiences, the various fun, entertaining and engaging activities, which were planned and implemented.

As a single parent, of two young sons, and a working Mom, it does get hectic 90% of the time. To have had the YMCA plan, organize, facilitate and implement such an incredible CAMP experience is nothing short of brilliant and it is well appreciated. I want to say and do more but, please accept my gratitude. Nicolas and Antonio had a wonderful time and are now ready again for school.

Thank you a million for all that you have do, and continue to do day to day - never complaining! How do you do that? Kudos to your entire Team and I am so glad that my sons and I are a part of such an exemplary YMCA with diligent, generous, considerate and understanding employees like your Team.

Thank you again for an amazing camp experience and just the kind words shared.

Karen, Antonio and Nicolas