Watch a few of our Y Moms speak with local Mommy blogger, Local Mom Scoop on why you need a "Mom Tribe"! 

What is a Y Mom?

All YMCA of South Palm Beach County Mom Members are potential ‘Y Moms’ – each with their own goals, interests, and style. Y Moms come in all shapes and sizes, ages and ethnicities, and are found in our DeVos-Blum Family Y in Boynton and our Peter Blum Family Y in Boca.

The YMCA of South Palm Beach County hosts many Y Mom events, activities and socials throughout the year, giving our Moms a chance to get to know each other, bond and create relationships.  

Are YOU a Y Mom?

If you find yourself feeling like the Y is your home away from home, then the answer is probably YES! Join our Y Moms Facebook group – which was designed to give Y Moms a place to meet, socialize and plan activities!

What bonds Y Moms?

The YMCA of course! The Y’s safe, enriching child care and development centers uniquely gives Mom members the worry-free opportunity to pursue their own interests and activities.

The Y caters to all types of Y Moms - what is your perfect fit? 

Pump Up Mom: You pursue your fitness passion with our expert trainers teaching hard-core classes using the Y’s new equipment and facilities! On any given day, you might be found with a personal trainer or in classes such as Spin, P90X, Boot Camp, Kickboxing, and/or Running Club!


Chill Out Mom: You stay energized and strong with yoga or pilates, and you may even steal a little “me time” in our steam room or sauna. You can sometimes be found grabbing a cup of coffee with friends in our new lounge area. 


Household Manager Mom: You make sure the “trains run on time” in your family! You take advantage of programming and childcare for all ages throughout the week, and you have incorporated the YMCA as part of your "household strategy”!


Family Timer Mom: Nothing is more important to you than time spent with friends and family! You bring the whole crew to the Y on weekends for fitness and fun, and you are big fans of the Y’s community events! 


Super Moms: As a busy working mom, the YMCA has become part of your “household strategy”.  While you are out supporting your family, you count on the Y for safe and welcoming fun that is affordable and provides great role models for your kids!