Sometimes you need more than just your regular practice. With YMCA Youth Sports Clinics, you can take your skills to the next level.


Building coordination, skills, and a love for the game! We are excited to offer Youth Sports Clinics for youth athletes looking to enhance their skills. Youth athletes will learn the basic fundamentals of the sport in a fun and energetic environment. Our monthly sports clinics are a great way to introduce a child to the game or expand and gain new skills in the game.

A maximum number of 10 athletes participate per hour while following CDC health and safety guidelines.


DeVos-Blum Family YMCA 


Ages 3-4 at 4 PM 
Ages 5-7 at 5 PM
Ages 8-12 at 6 PM 

VOLLEYBALL- Wednesdays

Ages 11-13 at 5 PM
Ages 14-17 at 6 PM

SOCCER -  Fridays

Ages 3-4 at 4 PM
Ages 5-7 at 5 PM
Ages 8-12 at 6 PM 

COST: Members $40 per 4 classes, Non-Members $80 per 4 classes 



Peter Blum Family YMCA (starting in July)


ages: 3-4 at 3 PM
ages: 5-7 at 4 PM 
ages: 8-12 at 5 PM

SOCCER - Fridays

ages 3-4 at 3 PM
ages 5-7 at 4 PM
ages 8-12 at 5 PM
Ages 3-12 at 6 PM

COST:  Members $35 per 4 classes, Non- Members $70 per 4 classes