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In celebration of our 50th year, throughout 2022 we are highlighting individuals from our Y Family to be featured in our "Where in the Y" series and asking them to explain their passion for the YMCA and why they support us.

Where in the Y... is Jackie Reeves?

"To me, the Y means COMMUNITY.
The Y means CARING.
The Y means IMPACT."


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Where in the Randy Nobles?

"All in all, the Y has been a very life-changing engagement for me."

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Where in the Alex Price?

"The Y is a place where you connect on a personal level."


Where in the Dan Huck?

"The Y is Community."


Where in the Jackie & Ken Kaleel?

"The Y is about relationships."


Where in the Christine E. Lynn?

"I am proud to help the Y in fulfilling its mission"

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