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Written by FAU Graduate Student

Priorities are a struggle these days, aren’t they? Health and fitness fall to the bottom of the list for most people and that is nothing to be ashamed of. Between work, kids and other responsibilities, you might find that you do not have time for yourself.

However, that can change thanks to the YMCA of South Palm Beach County! Located in Boca Raton and Boynton Beach, the Y offers a variety of group exercise classes throughout the week at different times and intensities, guaranteeing there really is something for everyone. Group exercise can improve your health physically and mentally, and the Y hosts 70+ hours of group exercise a week so members have zero excuses to not stay active.  

From yoga to kickboxing, the Y offers many different types of classes so your routine never becomes old, and classes are offered at differing levels knowing not everyone has the same limits. For example, the Tabata and Core class employ a scientifically-designed cardio and strength workout using 4-minute high-intensity intervals to give participants the fastest results in the least amount of time. That sounds perfect for an on-the-go adult! The Y also offers SilverFit classes for those in need of low-impact exercise, which caters to all age demographics.  

Qualified and energetic instructors bring these classes to life every day. They are there to support you every step, and squat, of the way. Most importantly, Y instructors are certified and trained professionals and safety is always the first priority.

Check out the class schedules here