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Living in South Florida during the summer months means at any given point during the day, sunny, blue skies can quickly change into a heavy, down-pouring rainstorm. However, even with our unpredictable weather, you can still stay on track with your fitness goals, indoors or out.

Theresa Joyce, previous Director of Wellness for the DeVos-Blum Family YMCA, suggested the following workouts so you always have a game plan, no matter the mood swings Florida weather may be having.

Great weather workout:

If you’re schedule permits, we suggest trying Trainer Kevin Morgan’s Boot camp classes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 9 am. Hosted outside on the DeVos-Blum Family Y’s backfield, you’ll not only get a great workout in the fresh outdoors but may even pick up a glossy tan.

Of course, if 9 am doesn’t fit your schedule, check out this Boot camp inspired workout to try at home or at a nearby park any time of the day that works for you.

Warm up: Walk or jog for 5 minutes followed by a few upper and lower body stretches.

Workout: Between each of the following exercises, go for a lap around the park or down your neighborhood street.

  1. 30 seconds of squats (90-degree bend, people!)
  2. Repeat 1 + 30 seconds of push-ups
  3. Repeat 2 + 30 seconds of jumping jacks
  4. Repeat 3 + 30 seconds of step-ups
  5. Repeat 4 + a 30-second plank
  6. Repeat 5 + 30 second triceps dips on table/bench

Cool Down: Go for a walk or do some light stretching.

Shelter from the storm:

A Florida storm has hit, so that means you’re taking your workout inside. Lucky for you, the Y is equipped with the latest cardio machinery. Go for a run on one of the Peter Blum Y’s new Precor Run Treadmills featuring interactive trails. If running isn’t your thing, check out a YFit Class at the DeVos-Blum Y which incorporates strength training in the Performance Training Area.

For group exercise class schedules, click HERE.