This program has been designed with each individual's diverse abilities in mind. 

Participants enrolled in the Y's Adaptive Needs Swim program are provided individualized lesson-planning in order to ensure the best results. All staff are certified with YMCA Swim Lesson Instruction and have a rich background working with individuals of all types of needs. 

Each session consists of eight 1/2 hour one-on-one ratio swim lessons that are individually tailored for each participant. Individuals enrolled in the Adaptive Needs Swim program will participate in a simple intake process that will assist the Swim Instructors in developing an individualized lesson plan.

This program is available to participants ages 2+


Due to the generous support from grants and donations, this program is offered to families at a greatly reduced cost.

  • Each participant receives two sessions for $30
  • Upon the completion of the second session, participants are welcome to continue with swim lessons at a cost of $170 per session of eight 1/2 hour lessons