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Working out is a goal for us, moms. Right? Sometimes running after your toddler could be considered your cardio for the day. But how does one really get a great workout in without disrupting our children? Better yet, as working moms, how do we get a workout in between work and picking up the kids?

The first step is choosing a gym or venue to workout at that has a Child Care section. P.S. both the Boca and Boynton Beach YMCA’s have that. They provide electronic free, interactive child care while you exercise for up to two hours. For many families, the YMCA has become their “home away from home” due to all the activities they have for both the kids and adults.

The second step, check out the gym and the programs. The programs are where you can meet your next best friend. Workout partners can help you reach your goals.

In the trainer world, they call it “fitness accountability” because it maximizes your goal. That goal is what you look at most throughout the year. So many moms want to lose that “baby” weight plus a little extra, yet they fail because they try to obtain everything on their own. It has been proven that if you have the “right” workout partner, you can see a difference within a matter of a month. You both will hold each other accountable for your goals because that’s what friends do.  

10 Reasons You Need a Partner:

  • Achieve your goals within a faster time-frame
  • More engagement
  • It’s more fun!
  • Want to try new things, no problem. They will do with you.
  • Am I doing this right? They will help with your form to make sure you don’t hurt yourself.
  • Friendly competition.
  • You’ll push each other to go to the gym, even on the days you’re not feeling it.
  • Need a spotter? There they are.
  • Quality time. Introducing the new (healthier) form of girl time (so long pizza and Netflix!)
  • Get out of your comfort zone by trying things a Spartan Race or Tough Mudder.

You may have set goals for yourself but having a friend can only extend your goals. Those fitness goals can only reduce your stress levels, improve your health, get you out of your normal routine, and gain a new group of friends.

Come on out and find your new fitness friends.

Written by Ally Lamb, April 2017