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Written by FAU Student, Mayra Villacrez

Breath in, breath out… feel better? Good. It’s the middle of Summer and between running the kids around, work and typical life events, we all need to take a little time to de-stress. And the YMCA is here to help. No, we’re not talking about in one of our all-included stream room or sauna’s (however that’s not a bad idea), but in one of the Y’s many Yoga classes. We’re feeling Zen just thinking about it.

Our Yoga group exercise programs include Principle of Yoga, Chair Yoga, and standard Yoga classes, which not only help improve your physical fitness but allows quiet time for yourself to reflect and reduce stress. Our Yoga classes focus on breathing control, flexibility, balance and mental focus. And it doesn’t matter your level of expertise, the Y’s classes can be modified to fit beginners up to advanced participants.

It is well known that Yoga helps reduce your daily stress level by strengthening your spirit, mind and body. To break it down, Principles of Yoga is a perfect class for beginners as it is designed to establish true relaxations and teach the fundamentals of yoga. For those a little less sturdy on two feet, the Y also offers Chair Yoga, which provides extra support and stability. Already a Zen Master? Perfect, our standard Yoga class is just for you!

Not ready to commit just yet? No worries! If you’re a member, these classes are of no extra charge to you so you can pop in any time you’re ready. And for visitors or first-time guests, your first two classes are on us – so sit back, relax and Namaste!