YBike Program

Bike Safety within South Palm Beach County is a growing concern. As of 2014, Florida has been ranked the #2 state to be hurt on a bicycle (Bureau of Transportation Statistics), and South Florida has some of the highest numbers of bike-related injuries that could have easily been prevented.

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The YBike program at the YMCA of SPBC has graduated 1,147 students throughout South Palm Beach County schools and has also graduated 248 summer camp students all throughout 2015. 


Through the YBike Program, our YBike Coordinator introduces bike-safety related topics in a small group setting to participant’s ages six and up. This eight class course focuses on distributing important safety information as well as refining already learned biking skills. Throughout this program, valuable information is presented to help keep kids riding bikebikers safe on the road, as well as:

  • -Proper safety attire
  • -Proper riding etiquette (techniques to keep the risk of injury low)
  • -Refinement of bike skills (with a focus on already learned riding techniques and building upon new ones)
  • -Promoting alternative transportation (featuring healthy living aspects of riding a bike)


For more information on the YBike Program, please contact our YBike Coordinator, Kelly Nielsen 561-536-1397 or knielsen@ymcaspbc.org.