Frequently Asked Questions: 

How many laps are in a mile? 

  • Thirty-six laps or 72 lengths equal 1,800 yards or just over a mile. A swimming mile used in competitive swimming and triathlons is 1,320 yards or 66 lengths

What is the water temperature in the pools?

  • Lap Pool 82 to 83 degrees. Family Pool 88 to 89 degrees.

When is lap swim?

  • Lap lanes are available during all pool hours. At least one lane is available at all times for lap swimming.

Where can I get goggles? 

  • The Y does not provide goggles. You can find goggles at your local Target or Walmart, anything will do! 

Why do I have to shower before entering the pool? 

  • Florida Health Department regulations require that all patrons shower before entering the pool. This rule also applies to individuals re-entering the pool from the sun deck.

Do you provide towels? 

  • Towels are provided for $5 a month, only at our Boca location.