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A unique filmmaking space aimed at young participants is a valuable and enriching activity focused on film production, acting and social media.



The Y has partnered with You Create to offer fun, new film programs at THE LAB! These programs offer an interactive and hands on approach for participants to learn the fundamentals of film production. Emphasizing creativity and team work, Film Academy workshops are delivered in many formats including After School classes, Weekend Workshops, School Holiday programs and Summer Camps.

To register for any of the programs below, contact: James Rodriguez, 561-300-3204.

Film Academy 

Our innovative program allows the next generation of creators to have a hands on approach to learning the art of making movies. Young filmmakers will learn all the basics required to work on a Hollywood production in our dedicated studio.

AGES: 12-18
WHEN: Thursdays 6:30p-7:30pm
COST: $100 per month

Acting School

In this course, on-camera skills are supported and developed through a variety of acting, improv exercises and practice scenes. We help you achieve a clear understanding of what it truly means to “own” both the camera and the room.

AGES: 12-18
WHEN: Tuesdays 6:30p-7:30pm
COST: $100 per month

Young Creatives

Learn basic digital media skills and gain confidence through acting and improv exercises, as well as create small projects through teamwork and creativity. This program is perfect for any young creator that’s into acting, digital filmmaking, social media, YouTube or simply ready to express their creativity. 

AGES: 8-12
Contact James Rodriguez, 561-300-3204 for upcoming classes.

CLICK HERE for our informational flyer.