Building Strength to THRIVE!


The Y's Parkinson's & Other Chronic Diseases programs are geared specifically to counteract the movement challenges experienced by people living with Parkinson’s and other chronic diseases. 

Surf-N-Turf classes are offered at the Boca and Boynton* YMCA locations. Participants spend 30 minutes of the class performing land-based exercise movements from a seated position. The other 30 minutes of the class is held in the Aquatics Center and includes various water aerobic movements. Classes are 1 hour in length and led by Certified Personal Trainers.

*The Boynton Y's Surf-N-Turf program is offered to members of the National Parkinson's Foundation only. For scheduling information, please contact the Boynton Y at 561-738-9622.

Parkinson`s Cycling Program is an indoor cycling class where individuals diagnosed with Parkinson~s Disease work in a group setting coached by a certified Parkinsons`s Cycle Coach. This class has shown to help in symptom management of the disease.

Boca Raton Y Schedule: 
Surf & Turf- 
Tuesday & Thursdays 11:30 am -1:15 pm 
Parkinsons Cycle- Wednesday 12-1 pm

Boynton Y Schedule:
Surf & Turf- 
Wednesday & Friday 10 am - 12 pm
Parkinsons Cycle- Monday 2-3 pm