The Y is the starting point for many youth to learn about becoming and staying active and developing healthy habits.


As soon as your child turns 8 years old, he/she is welcome to work out with a parent or guardian in our Wellness Center - which is a great opportunity to introduce young people to a healthy way of life as well as promote family fitness.


Youth Fundamentals (ages 11 –15)

This course teaches children/teens the basics of anatomy, physiology, nutrition and how to use the equipment in the weight training center. Youth must attend four one-hour classes which concludes with a written and practical test. Upon successful completion of the class, participants will be permitted to utilize the Wellness Center without parental supervision. 

Teen Squad (11-15)

Teen Squad Training harmonizes fun and exercise in a dynamic setting for teenagers of all physical capacities. Experience the Outdoor Performance Training Area in an interactive circuit design, enhancing the mixture of physically challenging obstacles and play. An encouraging certified personal trainer will lead each class to help reinforce positive healthy habits. Class creativity will spark interest, expect to see the following fitness equipment: cones, hurdles, battle ropes, sleds, dumbbells, jump ropes and even punching bags.

*Boca Raton YMCA only 

Schedule: Tuesday & Thursday: 6pm 
Cost: $10 session/ $50 monthly 


Swim Team (ages 5-18) 

Competitive swim teams are offered at the Y for ages 5-18 years. Swim team seasons are continuous throughout the year. Participants must complete a try-out to enroll.