Our Healthier Communities Initiatives are built on the concept that local communities can work together to give all community members healthy choices and support the pursuit of healthy lifestyles. 

More than 160 Ys are working in collaboration with community leaders to make changes in policies and the physical surroundings in those communities so that healthy living is within reach for individuals of all ages and backgrounds. 


The YMCA of South Palm Beach County is proud to offer the following programs within our community. Click on the programs below for more information: 

Diabetes Self-Management: Gain the skills and confidence needed to achieve lifestyle improvements and become an expert dealing with your chronic health condition.

Lifestyle & Weight Loss: Helping participants achieve their goals through small modest changes to establish sustainable healthy habits. 

LiveSTRONG at the YMCA: LIVESTRONG at the YMCA empowers cancer survivors to improve and increase their quality of life. 

Parkinson's & Other Chronic Diseases: Geared to counteract movement challenges for individuals with Parkinson's and other chronic diseases.