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The Sooner, The Safer. 

Infant Swim Resource (ISR) lessons focus on safe, one-on-one training by ISR certified instructors who customize the program to the abilities of each student. ISR is the leading behavioral-based approach to swimming lessons, using techniques that are developmentally appropriate for your child. Non-walking infants will be taught to roll on to their back to float, rest and breathe while children that are walking will be taught to use a swim-float-swim sequence to reach safety. These skills are taught in both a swimsuit as well as fully clothed.

Lesson sessions run for six weeks with students attending lessons 10 minutes each day, five days per week.



“At first I was skeptical about ISR. However, after doing research I discovered that ISR offered skills that not only did my kids need but they wouldn’t learn in traditional swim lessons. It wasn’t long before I learned the importance of these survival swimming techniques. My experience with ISR has been life changing! Samantha has a passion for kids and making a difference that is hard to find!"

Chris Sapp, Former Peter Blum Family Y Executive Director and ISR parent