Diabetes Prevention Program at the YMCA

Diabetes Prevention Program at the YMCA

Diabetes is a serious health condition that can lead to a variety of health problems. Pre-diabetes is a potentially reversible condition that often leads to diabetes, and 79 million people in the United States are estimated to have it. If you have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes, or believe you may be at risk, the Y’s Diabetes Prevention Program can help!

In the YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program a trained lifestyle coach will introduce topics in a small classroom setting. The 12-month group-based program consists of 16 core sessions, followed by monthly maintenance sessions. Topics of the program include how healthy eating, physical activity, and behavior changes, reducing stress, problem-solving, can benefit your health. This program is based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Diabetes Prevention Program curriculum.

For information, contact our Director of Health Strategies, Robin Nierman: 561-300-3227 or rnierman@ymcaspbc.org. 

For Physician’s with Referrals: Downloadable forms to send referrals to the YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program are available through the Director of Health Strategies.

For Health Professionals: Through our expertise in chronic disease prevention, the Y can help you help your patients. As a leading nonprofit strengthening community, in part, through healthy living, the Y knows that in order to remain healthy, patients diagnosed with pre-diabetes often need to make lifestyle changes. We also understand that such changes can come with challenges and that having a reliable support system can not only make adjustments easier for your patients, but also help ensure that they stay motivated.

The YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program – based on research by the National Institutes of Health and part of the National Diabetes Prevention Program led by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – is a proven, community-based disease prevention resource that can provide your patients with the support they need to adopt the behaviors you recommend to improve their condition. It uses a classroom setting and peer support to introduce and emphasize the benefits of:

  • healthy eating
  • moderate physical activity
  • modest weight loss
  • staying motivated

We believe all people deserve the opportunity to live full, healthy lives. When you refer patients to the YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program you can rest assured that they are receiving help and guidance from trained lifestyle coaches who understand the many day-to-day changes they are trying to make. We will work closely with them to make sure that their efforts are supported and that they develop the kinds of healthy habits that we know can help delay, or even prevent, the onset of type 2 diabetes. We will provide you with updates on your patients’ progress at regular intervals.

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Generously Funded in part by Palm Healthcare, Quantum Foundation, and Humana Foundation.

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