Group Exercise


The Y has it all when it comes to Group Exercise – ZUMBA®, YOGA, SPIN, AQUATICS, PILATES, STRENGTH TRAINING AND MORE! For our schedule, please click on the Schedules link.

For a printed view of our fitness classes, please see January-March Group Exercise Schedule

For class offerings, click the links below:

Aquatic Classes: Reduce the impact on your joints, increases strength and improved flexibility. 
Cardio Classes: Increase your heart rate, improve overall cardiovascular & respiratory fitness and burn calories.
Spirit, Mind & Body: Improve your physical fitness, but allow quiet time for reflection and stress reduction. These classes generally focus on breathing control, flexibility, balance and mental focus. 
Strength Training: Strengthen and condition muscles incorporating dumbbells, barbells, body bars, bands, medicine balls, etc. Some classes may only utilize your own body weight to create resistance. 
Performance Training: Challenge yourself with one of our Small Group Functional Training classes designed to help you lose weight & get in the best shape of your life!

For more information on our Group Exercise classes, contact Delonyx Cortez at