The Y – Where you really are Family

DeVos-Blum Y… Where You Really ARE Family

For the past few years our son Kasey has attended spring, winter and summer camp at the YMCA located in Boynton Beach.

Our son is very unique in many ways, sometimes new environments, as well as transitions (fitting in don’t come so easy to him!) Kasey was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder at a very young age. This is not something that many people know about and even more challenging for friends his age to understand. Environments that are too loud, too dark, too crowded-can really overwhelm him. Sometimes friends don’t understand why he has a hard time in a particular situation, but the entire team at the YMCA camp do their best to make him feel included. The camp counselors assist in helping him to feel happy and safe and loved in his environment. The director and all of her team ensure that the staff is up-to-date with techniques, and have systems in place to help our boy should he need some supports. We love that they encourage the children to understand why our son might be having a difficult time and we are so grateful that they help to work on building friendships that truly are based on loving and caring for each other just as we are!

The YMCA has helped to mold our son into a more enthusiastic and outgoing camper. The team at the YMCA helps him to feel confident about the wonderful young man that he is and helps to cheer him on as he still making progress in so many areas! That means the world to us as parents!

Whenever camp season is among us our little guy gets excited about going to see his friends and his other family at the YMCA where he truly feels like he belongs! This is priceless to us as a family and we look forward to many more years to come at the YMCA and I’m sure that he will probably want to be a camp counselor there himself when he’s old enough.

We are forever grateful to the YMCA for their love and continued support!

Jackie Brooks

written 5/27/2017