“I’m Too Busy”

“I’m just too busy,” said every Mom.

Cathleen Catapano

April 2017

For most moms, finding the time and motivation to exercise is very challenging. Between caring for the kids, doing household chores, running errands, and dealing with workplace demands, all on a daily basis, moms are often so busy taking care of everyone else that they wind up neglecting themselves. This is especially true when it comes to their own health and fitness. Despite knowing all the benefits gained from exercising, fitting in a workout is something many moms struggle with and make excuses for not doing. However, when it comes to making health and fitness a priority, the Peter Blum Family YMCA of Boca Raton believes there are no good excuses.

With a goal of improving the community’s overall health and well-being, the Boca Y offers moms a wide array of fitness programs and services at their state-of-the-art facility. With so many more options than a regular gym, the Y makes it easier to make fitness a priority, and harder to come up with excuses.

The four biggest excuses used by moms:

  1. I don’t have the time: You’re right. You are a mom, and you do not have time. However, this isn’t about having time, when it comes to your health, it’s about making time. The Y is open seven days a week with extended hours starting some days as early as 5:30 am and closing as late as 10:00 pm. A workout doesn’t have to be hours long either to be effective, and that is why the Y offers many classes that are only 45 minutes. Treat yourself to a personal trainer, and get a great workout in for 30 minutes. Carving out 30 minutes a few times a week is not unrealistic no matter how busy you think you are.
  2. I don’t have anybody to watch my kids: Let your kids play while you work out! The Y gives members access to the Child Development Center where children can play and make friends in a fun and safe environment for up to two hours while you workout. No advance reservation is needed and no additional fees apply. Children ages six weeks to 10 years can participate.
  3. It’s too expensive: YMCA fees vary depending on the type of membership you choose. There is no contract so you can stop your membership at any time. The Y also provides financial assistance for those who cannot afford to pay the full cost of a membership.
  4. It’s boring: With 40+ hours of group exercise classes a week, we dare you to be bored. Zumba, Spin, Yoga, Boot Camp, HIIT, Water Aerobics and much more! With so many options, the Y makes it easy for you to find an activity that you love. Each class is so dynamic with seasoned instructors dedicated to keeping things challenging and interesting.

What do you say, mom? It’s time to focus on you, let us take care of the kids. Come in today and see what the Y has to offer you. Do it for your kids, and most of all, do it for you!