Diverse Yoga Classes at the Y

Diverse Yoga types at the YMCA in Boca Raton

Yoga is a healthy practice of meditation through movement.  The benefits of learning and practicing Yoga are: 

  • Reduced stress and weight loss
  • More energy and pain relief
  • Improved rest and sleep
  • Improved metabolism and circulation
  • Strengthening of muscles and toning
  • Improved breathing and more confidence

The Peter Blum Family YMCA in Boca Raton has a diverse schedule of Yoga practices.  Whether one is a professional practitioner or amateur one the intermediate level Vinyasa class with Elyse is highly enjoyable. “Yoga is for strengthening the spirit and reducing stress” she would say. Vinyasa strengthens the core and relieves pain of tight areas while adjusting to Elyse’s posture. Her intermediate level class feels as a fast Hatha Flow Yoga combined with a Vinyasa. Hatha flow will require stronger and longer lasting postures while the vinyasa flow will accelerate movement and cycles between next position.

Breathing is the most important part of the practice. Prana Yama exercises are performed while sitting on the mat and the improvement of blood circulation is felt instantly. Class is available Tuesdays and Thursdays as a restorative method to achieving relaxation and confidence. Anna’s chair yoga class is also available at the Y for pain relief. Chair Yoga helps neck and should tightness and relieves upper body tension. Arm movement and stretching up high lifting the shoulder bones is also a restorative relieve of accumulated stress. The YMCA offers a generous schedule of classes and caters to different members of the family under one roof at a given time.

YMCA’s Yoga instructors will give great cheering and recommendations for weight loss. A great way to mindfulness is to meditate before engaging in movement. During the start of the practice Elyse will progressively take you to loosen leg muscles and and thighs. The various repetitions of the asanas (yoga poses) make the practitioner sweat as much as any other cardio workout.  The gymnastics studio has wood flooring and makes the practice feel comfortable and cozy. The facilities are very clean, spacious and well equipped. The fitness atmosphere is awesome to develop a weekly routine and plan.  Don’t forget to bring your Yoga mat as many practitioners at the Intermediate class are very devoted and bring both their blocks and straps.  The YMCA in Boca Raton has a great schedule and offers the comfort of ample parking with the benefit of activities for children while focused on one’s Yoga cocoon. The staff always knows to direct and helps to accommodate any request. 

Written by Jorge Eljuri, April 6, 2017