The Y’s Annual Campaign

The Y’s Annual Campaign helps strengthen our community by supporting at-risk children, families, and seniors through Y programs and services. This Campaign is led by members and volunteers dedicated to the mission of strengthening community and ensuring that everyone in South Palm Beach County has access to vital community programs and resources that support youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility.

Join our largest fundraiser, share our story and ask your friends, family, and colleagues to invest in the Y! The Y.™ For a Better Us.™

Watch How the Y Has Changed Lives: 

Get involved in 3 easy steps!

running_blu_rgb_pngStep 1: Sign up! Create a fundraising account using your email or Facebook login – it only takes a few minutes. take-heart_blu_rgbStep 2: Get creative! Put your personalized stamp on your fundraising page. Share your Y story of impact through photos and videos. holding-hands-2_blu_rgbStep 3: Involve others! Share your story with your network. Move them into action by hearing directly from you, what the Y has meant to you in your experience.